Helm, AWS IAM Role & Github Actions

The issue: Kubernetes cluster unreachable

I’m trying to deploy my service (springboot rest api service + postgres database) to an existing EKS cluster using helm chart for Github Action CI pipeline

I’m using the Github federated OIDC to access AWS resource which uses short-lived credentials (no AWS credential leaked!)

The issue is that Github Action failed

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: the server has asked for the client to provide credentials

Enabling IAM user and role access to your cluster

Solution is to add above authorized Github IAM role to aws-auth configmap

$ kubectl edit -n kube-system configmap/aws-auth

edit the file to add

mapUsers: |
- userarn: arn:aws:iam::ACCOUNTID:role/github
username: admin
- system:masters
kind: ConfigMap

To make a permanent change to aws-auth configmap

kubectl get -n kube-system configmap/aws-auth -o yaml > auth-cm.yaml#make the above changekubectl apply -f auth-cm.yaml



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