ELI5: Python Virtual Env

python -V
brew install pyenv
pyenv install 3.8.2
pyenv local 3.8.2

# should return 3.8.2
python -V

mkdir pydo
python -m venv venv380
source venv380/bin/activate
#ready for devpython -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt && python setup.py install
pyenv rehash # rehash pyenv shims (run this after installing executables)
# to run a test
pytest path_to_test_file -k 'run_this_test_case_only'
alias venv='python -m venv env'
alias actv='source env/bin/activate'
alias dctv=deactivate
alias pyclean='find . -type f -name '\''*.py[co]'\'' -delete -o -type d -name __pycache__ -delete -o -type f -name '\''.coverage.*'\'' -delete'

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Natarajan Santhosh

Natarajan Santhosh

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