Immutable Cloud — basics

When AWS creates the default VPC, it:

  • Creates a VPC with a size /16 IPv4 CIDR block ( This provides up to 65,536 private IPv4 addresses.
  • Creates a size /20 default subnet in each Availability Zone. This provides up to 4,096 addresses per subnet, a few of which are reserved for our use.
  • Creates an internet gateway and connect it to your default VPC.
  • Creates a main route table for your default VPC with a rule that sends all IPv4 traffic destined for the internet to the internet gateway.
  • Creates a default security group and associate it with your default VPC.
  • Creates a default network access control list (ACL) and associates it with your default VPC. Each subnet is automatically associated with the default network ACL
  • Associate the default DHCP options set for your AWS account with your default VPC.

Terraform State

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Natarajan Santhosh

Natarajan Santhosh

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