Keep it simple
- function based views
- centralize access to the ORM (avoid fat models, use a service layer)
- responsive bootstrap template with crispy forms
- minimal js
- 12 factor type setup - django-environ or similar
- be aware of n+1 select problem (I use django debug toolbar but looking into django-zen-queries)
- plop…

When one creates a jmeter test after few months in between, capturing csrf token bites us — least it is searching to find the right way to set up X-XSRF-TOKEN header and worst huge time sink

Add the next line to file (lives in "bin" folder of your JMeter…

When I follow a tutorial, I like to play with the code. Instead of copy/pasting the provided code verbatim, try experimenting with it: what happens if you omit one of the lines? Or if you change some of the values?

I try and act like a scientist. If I have…

Firstly, Identity Based

attach permission on user, group or role

Secondly, Resource Based

specified principal allowed to perform specified action on a resource. on what conditions and these are in-line policies

Finally, Session Based

  • Intra-account
  • Cross-account
  • Service role e.g. ec2 to s3
  • Identify federated e.g. gmail
Type code   C Type             Minimum size in bytes
'b' signed integer 1
'B' unsigned integer 1
'u' Unicode character 2 (see note)
'h' signed integer 2
'H' unsigned integer 2
'i' signed integer 2
'I' unsigned integer 2
'l' signed integer 4
'L' unsigned integer 4
'q' signed integer 8 (see note)
'Q' unsigned integer 8 (see note)
'f' floating point 4
'd' floating point 8
NOTE: The 'u' typecode corresponds to Python's unicode character. On
narrow builds this is 2-bytes on wide builds this is 4-bytes.

NOTE: The 'q' and 'Q' type codes are only available if the platform
C compiler used to build Python supports 'long long', or, on Windows,

This article is focused on the type of machine learning where we build models in order to make predictions on new data called predictive modeling.

Model = Algorithms(Data)

There is also error (e) that is independent of the input data (X).

Y = f(X) + e

This error might be…

The instructions below are for mac

It’s recommended to use python virtual environment when working on python project. Couple of important reasons

not populate the default python (yes, most operating systems installation come with python builtin). this can potentially break programs that depend on python

to isolate your project with…

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